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About Us

Pamela Kelker and her firm, Castles Interiors, have enjoyed a great deal of acclaim over the past 20 years. They have earned wide publication and several design awards.

Despite her numerous achievements, Pam's greatest joy and accolades come from her thrilled clientele who echo the marvelous word-of-mouth reputation she justly deserves.

Pam knows how to listen to your needs and desires, and how to interpret them in a way that truly exceeds your dreams. She closely pays attention to comfort, warmth, and of course, aesthetic pleasure. I don't look at my work as just a design project, I look at it as somebody's home. She knows that good design results from interpretation of your needs and feelings for your surroundings so that the finished product is a seamless statement of your interests.

Because I am very much a homebody, I have a sense of appreciation of the value of home and how important it is to live in a space that reflects who you are. I love the challenge of creating that for my clients.

By not ascribing to one distinct or signature design style, Pam has enjoyed success working on projects ranging from a 15,000 sq ft Old World residence to a contemporary carriage house remodel. What my projects often have in common is that they are transitional and timeless, as opposed to trendy, and often eclectic, so that they incorporate a mix of contemporary and traditional elements.

Pam's work is visually very strong. Using a lot of neutrals embellished by a rich and sophisticated color palette, she favors contrast and a bit of boldness, often bringing in touches of black or brown for additional drama.

Pam is a master at putting eclectic elements together in a magical way. It's more interesting to mix styles of furnishings and accessories, as it creates a collected, timeless look. But it is an art and you just cannot blend things in the same room haphazardly. I like not only to merge eras, but also to mix wood colors and a variety of textures.